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Creative Marketing Agency in Bangkok


Marketing Beyond the Normal.

As an award winning creative marketing agency and consultants in Bangkok Thailand and Phuket Thailand, we position and propel your brand ABOVE THE NORMAL with memorable marketing that gets your company seen and chosen first.  Our B2B and B2C brand marketing services help you grow your business better with more sustainable customer engagement, loyalty and retention.  We create integrated marketing campaigns by developing a strategy based on your company's values and points of difference.  Then we communicate your advantages by telling and selling your proposition through original ideas, content and messaging on the most effective media channels.  A few of the segment we manage and service include e-commerce, Video Games,  Hospitality,  NFT's,  Financial Services and Software.

Marketing that Makes Millions.

At the heart of every campaign we produce is video content.  Original film and video content enable you to grow your brand awareness better, generating millions more views, engagement and followers.  From FMCG and financial services, to Airlines, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, we produce highly effective video marketing campaigns that rapidly increases your ROI

A few of our success highlights include  1. Raising $300 million for ING Bank. We created an investment opportunity for Optimix Investment fund, developing the concept idea, photography and media placement as well as running the campaign on print media, TV and online business news websites. 2. Erawan Retail Fashion, Food and Wellness Shopping Mall.  We conceptualised and implemented a integrated campaign for this boutique brand, including brand awareness, PR and print media. 

3. RTD Beverage Drinks Launch for Big Cola in Thailand.  Derived from the brand's 'Big' global positioning Blue Orange Asia launched a series of price and value driven drinks marketing campaigns   4. Fight Sports Media App.  We developed a Universal App Marketing campaign in Asia to generate installs, pay per views and subscriptions for one of the world's leading sports Tc brands. 


B2B Funnel Marketing.

A B2B funnel is a system that targets potential customers with personalised messaging and offers throughout the buyer’s journey.  From awareness consideration to the ultimate conversion, your funnel should be set up to attract and turn new prospects into leads and nurture them into paying customers.  To generate B2B business you need a well-structured funnel and CRM to attract the best prospects and leads.  An effective B2B funnel consists of four elements.  1.  Top of the Funnel Prospecting. 2. Middle of the Funnel Lead generation.  3. Bottom of the Funnel Closing the deal  4. Customer Retention, Encouraging repeat business and referrals. Each phases of the funnel corresponds to stages of the customer journey.  Awareness, Consideration, Conversion/Decision and Loyalty.

Insights that Make a Difference.

Marketing insights provide a clear understanding of modern consumer trends and how best to invest your budget in the future.  New insights show that content marketing now costs 65% less than traditional paid marketing and generates 3 times more leads. 58% of mobile tablet owners look up information on a TV show while they were watching that same show, and 26% of all internet page views come from Facebook.  These are just a few insights that help us to develop better marketing campaign for you.



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