NFT Play to Earn Marketing Services.

We produce NFT (Non-fungible token) PR and Marketing campaigns for clients across Asia in Bangkok Thailand, HCMC Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong generating thousands of new members and followers for your discord, twitter and telegram channels.

Our integrated NFT services include  1: Discord Server Community Management.  2: Discord, Telegram and Twitter Advertising.  3:  PR Media Awareness with  Top Influencers and Promoters.  4: YouTube Influencer Videos.   5: Pre and Post IDO Strategy and Planning.

6:  White list Event Marketing.   7: Concept and Content Creation.  8:  Token Giveaways.   9:  Dynamic Airdrops.   10: NFT Blogger threads on Reddit/Bitcointalk.  11: Opensea Marketplace whitelist campaigns.

Opensea Play to Earn NFTs.

NFT Play-to-earn games has taken the crypto world by storm.  With this unique gaming model, participants are rewarded with NFT tokens just for playing games they would probably play for free.  Axie Infinity, the most popular platform for play-to-earn gaming, allows users to build up a collection of "Axies" they can use across the company's universe of games. From there, the company uses Blockchain to reward its players for taking part.

Axie Infinity has a huge following with over 2 million player a month and over 10 million registered users.  Tan Arena, with its superb game app is another awesome success story with  over 6 million registered users.    The ability to earn real-world value by playing a blockchain game is luring people into the market for the simple reason that value can be earned by having fun.  Mass adoption is underway, and major players in the gaming industry have begun to lay the groundwork for this new era of gaming.

The Rise of NFT's in South East Asia.

NFT's are set to see significant growth in 2024.  The growing interest globally can partially be attributed to the new Chinese audiences. China is even now developing its own non crypto based NFT industry.  The USA, which is now is second in terms of overall traffic globally, saw 175,000 new users in the NFT ecosystem in 2021.

NFT non-fungible token, is a unique unit of data employing technology that allows digital content, from videos to songs to images, to become logged and authenticated on cryptocurrency blockchains, primarily Ethereum.

NFT Trends

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