MANY OF THE BEST BRANDS work with Blue Orange Asia Advertising in Bangkok Thailand because we have over two decades of award winning expertise creating outstanding advertising campaigns that deliver better results and returns for our clients. Advertising that excites. Advertising that is memorable. 20 years of experience in idea based advertising and brand marketing communications has given Blue Orange Asia valuable knowledge insights and understanding of the Asian market enabling us to partner, service and work with premium global brands including ING in Singapore, HSBC in Hong Kong, Vietnam Tourism, Hilton Asia Pacific, Audi, Disney Asia, Big Cola Thailand, Banyan Hotel and Resorts and Olay, P&G Thailand.

ADVERTISING AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Advertising today is a far different proposition than it was ten years ago, or even five years ago, and we know from experience what works and what doesn’t. How do you optimize your advertising budget? How to amplify your message so that you stand out from the clutter and attract more engagement, followers and loyalty? From social media facebook advertising, to Google network display, digital advertising and Influencer advertising, every single top performing successful campaign contains one vital ingredient in their marketing mix. That vital ingredient is compelling contagious film and video content. The difference in engagement between an advertising campaign with video content and a campaign without is massive. Over 60%. Anything that has gone viral has always contained compelling video content. This is why video advertising content has been at the core of every campaign we produce for over 10 years, and a recent example of this was two highly effective Songkran Event Campaigns for Big Cola in Thailand who managed to successfully launch two new flavored drinks in the highly competitive RTD category, thanks to compelling video content as a famous Thai celebrity influencer.

With our pool of creative and strategic talents from across the Asian region, we have the right stuff and the right natural ingredients to re-vitalize your business with far better ideas that deliver far better results. In fact, the juice we produce contains all of the vitamin-rich brand booster you will ever need to stand out above and beyond the normal. As your true creative advertising agency partner, we'll propel you and your re energized brand boldly and confidently into the future... into the "Blue" yonder.

BLUE ORANGE ASIA Bangkok creative advertising services in Asia include new brand and new product advertising communications, advertising strategy, advertising idea and concept creation, copywriting, creative direction, digital online advertising, social media advertising, new media advertising, events advertising campaigns, road show advertising, outdoor advertising, brand and product activation, photography, film and video advertising, Youtube advertising, Famous Celebrity Influencer advertising, TV commercial advertising, Google PPC Advertising, Google Network Display Advertising.

Blue Orange Asia Advertising services clients in the market sectors of Hospitality, Hotels, Travel and Tourism, Luxury Property and Real Estate Advertising, New Brand Advertising, New Tech, Hi Tech Systems, IT, Software, Computers, Mobile, Apps, Mobile Devices, Innovation, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Online Gaming, Video Game Influencer Advertising, E Commerce, FMCG Product Advertising, Retail Product Advertising, Beauty Product, Advertising Skincare and Cosmetics Advertising Sports, Fitness, Golf, Hospitals, Medical, Healthcare and Wellness, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Recruitment, Fashion, Apparel, Accessories, Automotive, Aviation.

WHY HAVE COTTON, WHEN YOU CAN HAVE SILK. In today’s ultra competitive environment, if you want to truly stand out above and beyond the normal, you have take your brand or product to a whole new higher level of original creative thinking. Contact us now, we’ll show you how to shine brighter than the competition with memorable, contagious advertising communications that puts you first and top of mind.

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