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Advertising that Excites.

Blue Orange Asia has over 20 years of experience creating original idea driven advertising campaigns for leading brands in Asia.  During this time we have also won awards at recognised advertising shows including D&AD.  We implement successful advertising by helping you   1: Define your advertising goals. 2: Identify your unique selling points. 3: Create your original advertising idea and compelling content.  4: Select the most effective media channels.  5: Measure and evaluate your campaign performance.  Our unique insights and understanding of the Asian market enabling us to advise, partner and service premium global brands including ING Financial Services Singapore,  Sony in Yangon Myanmar, Monsoon Games in Vientiane, Hilton Hotels Asia , Disney, Olay Beauty Skincare and Banyan Resort and Golf Thailand.

Our Advertising Services in Asia.

As one of the best advertising agencies in Thailand and South East Asia, our creative advertising services include new brand and product advertising communication campaigns, advertising strategy, film-video advertising, digital advertising, social media advertising, facebook and YouTube advertising, TV advertising, OOH outdoor advertising, Influencer advertising, Google PPC and GDN Network Display Advertising, idea and concept creation, copywriting, creative direction and photography. We also provide media buying and media placement.

Advertising Ahead of the Curve.

The advertising idea has and always will be at the heart of any successful traditional or digital marketing campaign.  It is the difference between 5,000 post engagements, and 5 million.  But how we implement the advertising ideas effectively across modern campaigns, very much depends on the influence of advertising trends. Advertising trends help us to understand and use the most effective media channels and software.  Advertising trends in 2021 include more use of Amazon paid search, an increase in advertising on Instagram, a metric rise of e-commerce and apps as well as an increase use of voice search, artificial intelligence and video content. Video content is a vital ingredient to every successful advertising campaign and the difference in engagement between a campaign with video content and a campaign without it is massive. Over 200%. Anything that goes viral always contains compelling video content. This is why video content is at the heart of every advertising campaign we produce. Recent examples include the E-Dinar Cryptocurrency advertising campaign that went viral and a new RTD drinks campaign for Big Cola Thailand.

WHY HAVE COTTON, WHEN YOU CAN HAVE SILK. With our pool of creative talents, we have the right stuff and the right natural ingredients to re-vitalize your brand with far better advertising. In fact, the juice we produce contains all of the vitamin-rich brand booster you will ever need to stand out ABOVE AND BEYOND THE NORMAL. As your advertising agency partner, we take your brand to a higher level of original creative thinking and propel you and your re energized brand confidently into the future... into the "Blue" yonder.

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