Creative Advertising Agency in Bangkok


Advertising that Excites.

Blue Orange Asia Advertising Agency has been creating outstanding advertising campaigns for top brands and products in South East Asia for over 20 years.  During this time we have also won awards at leading advertising shows.   As one of the best creative advertising agencies in the region, our executive team have extensive experience previously working with some of the global greats including Grey Worldwide and J Walter Thompson produce successful campaigns for clients by helping you   1: Clearly define your objectives.  2: Identify your unique selling points.  3: Create your original  idea and compelling content.  4: Select the most effective media channels.  5: Measure and evaluate performance. 

Our unique insights and understanding of the Asian market enables us to partner and service premium brands including ING Investment Bank Singapore,  Fight Sports Stream Media,  LG Mobile in Yangon Myanmar, Olay FMCG Beauty Skincare and Banyan Resort and Golf Club.

Advertising Services.

Our traditional and digital advertising services include Integrated Advertising Campaigns |  Digital Advertising |  Strategy and Planning | Film and Video Advertising |  Programmatic Advertising  |  OOH and Billboard Advertising | Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Line App and YouTube)  | TV Commercials | Google ADS | Taboola ADs | Concept Creation | Copywriting | Creative Direction and Photography.  We also provide you with cost effective Media buying and Media placement.

Advertising Ideas Ahead of the Curve.

The advertising idea is at the heart of every great campaign we produce.  It is the difference between 5,000 post engagements and 5 million.  How we communicate the best ideas to consumers is very much influenced by modern advertising trends.  Advertising trends help us to better understand the most effective media channels and how best to use them more effectively.  One trend in particular, and a key ingredient to every campaign we produce, is video content.  Video content continues to grow exponentially and can be published on highly targeted media such as YouTube and Google's DV360 programmatic advertising.  DV360 is Google's premier demand side platform. The difference in engagement between a video ad campaign and static image ad campaigns is huge.  Video content is actually 1200% more successful than any other form of advertising content.   Almost anything that goes viral these days contains original video content.  

Why Have Cotton When You Can Have Silk.

Our pool of creative talents have the right stuff and the right natural ingredients to re-vitalize your brand.  In fact, the juice we produce contains all of the vitamin-rich booster you will ever need to stand out ABOVE AND BEYOND THE NORMAL.  As your expert advertising agency partner, we take your brand to a higher level of creative thinking, propelling your re energized brand confidently into the future. . . into the Blue yonder.


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