Brilliant Advertising Ideas

It's always great to see a original outstanding advertising ideas that really connect and engage an audience.   The advertising idea has and always will be at the heart of any traditional or digital marketing campaign strategy, and is the difference between 5,000 post engagements, and 5 million.  When advertising is done properly it  is always memorable and very effective.   Why do over 70% of digital marketing, PR, Media campaigns actually fail ?  Because they attract very little audience excitement, engagement and call to action.    The average person is exposed to over 5,000 marketing media posts a day.  You only have 5 seconds to engage and excite your  audience.   So how to connect and convert a sale in only 5 seconds ?   How to make your marketing go viral ?   Create Awesome Advertising Ideas.

Blue Orange Asia commissioned to produce the Disney Asia Calendar

We were recently chosen to consult, develop and produce the Disney Asia Calendar. The concept for the year was 'Disney Princess', featuring 12 famous South East Asian celebrities who each portrayed one of 12 Disney film princesses, depicting a classic key visual scene from the respective movies. The top stars were chosen from the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, and participated in a photo shoot dressed as a famous Disney character. The photo shoot was also made into a film production which aired and was promoted on the Disney Channel in Asia.

Blue Orange Asia Wins Best Digital Marketing Agency Award

Global Brands Magazine takes this opportunity to congratulate Blue Orange Asia on winning Best Creative Digital Marketing Agency Thailand at the Global Brand Awards Ceremony. This award recognizes outstanding creativity and performance in the advertising and digital marketing industry.

D&AD Advertising Awards 2021.

Blue Orange Asia has two entries for this years D&AD Awards. The world's most prestigious award show for creative excellence in advertising and design now accepting submissions for 2021.  Awards shows like D&AD, Cannes Festival and Clio awards provide great opportunities to publicise and promote your clients work.  as well as improve your brand visibility, increase business networking relationship and enhance credibility.

Digital Marketing Trends.

Here are 7 digital marketing trends that will help shape your year and help you grow your online business with better digital marketing.

Top Trending Product Categories to Advertise Online in 2021.

1: Beauty and Healthcare (derma skincare, anti-aging skin repair, shaving kits)  2; Sports and Fitness Apparel  3: Travel Accessories

4: Designer Fashion and Accessories (bags, wallets, shoes, belts, sunglasses)  5: Fine Jewelry 6: Smart Tech - Wearable Devices

7: Travel Accessories  8: Health and Nutrition