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Blue Orange Asia is a leading healthcare, medical and wellness marketing agency providing creative branding and advertising services for brands and products in Thailand, South East Asia.  We create strategic marketing and PR campaigns for clients in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Singapore that deliver a healthy return on your business.

Our Healthcare Wellness Creative Services.

From lifestyle, education and diets, to body and skincare collagen rejuvenation, to anti-aging nutrients, supplements and longevity learning, our creative marketing services include  1: Healthcare and Medical Branding.  2: Healthcare and Medical Tourism Marketing  3: Healthcare and Wellness PR Media Campaigns.  4: Supplement Drink Advertising. 5: PR Media Outreach Campaigns Advertorials and Articles.  6:  Healthcare Brand and Product Marketing.  7: Brand Consultancy.  8: Corporate Videos.  9: Health and Wellness Advertising.  10: Media Strategy and Placement.

Healthcare Tourism in Asia.

Medical Tourism is a booming business in South East Asia.  One of the primary attractions for medical tourists is the cost-effectiveness of healthcare services in the region. World-class medical facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and highly skilled medical professionals offer treatments at a fraction of the cost compared to Western countries.

In Thailand, the government considers the healthcare industry a priority sector for investment and extensive further development. This stance is reiterated in the ministry of public health’s 2016-2025 strategic plan entitled 'Thailand; A Hub of Wellness and Medical Services.'


BOA services leading healthcare brands in Asia include Bangkok Hospital, Boots, Nordic Natural Supplements, Sanofi and Cigna.  For Bangkok Hospital, we created a strategic advertising campaign for the hospital's unique treatments and services in the rapidly growing medical tourism sector. 

Growth of Health and Wellness Supplements.

The Southeast Asia dietary and health supplements market size is valued at over 10 billion USD.  Growing awareness among people regarding the benefits of nutritional vitamins, supplements and youthful skincare products such as collagen peptides are key factors driving the market.  APAC is known for its prowess in traditional medicine and the population now prefers naturally sourced products, functional foods, and enriched foods.

In addition the sports nutrition segment is expanding at a significant rate due to an increase in the number of people moving towards a fitter and active lifestyle.  Asia is becoming a booming market for sports nutrition products owing to the increasing awareness in health and self care.

Healthcare Insights in South East Asia.

The healthcare private sector is predicted to grow even more rapidly over the next 5 years.  Southeast Asia’s medical tourism industry grew to become a major player driving global medical travel in recent years.

Among the popular destinations for medical travel, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia have become major global players, driving inbound travel to the region for their competitive rates, top-line medical care, technological advancement, and renowned medical expertise.

According to the Medical Tourism Association, Thailand ranked 5th among the most popular health tourism destinations in the world last year.  Key Factors that still make Thailand a popular destination for tourist include the high standards of medical care, quality treatments, reasonable fees and the affordable cost of living for long-stayers as they recover. There is also a favourable visa and infrastructure.

Health Trends in Asia.

1: AI. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are bridging gaps in medical education and creating the environment for a more human centred approach to healthcare.

2: Medical Health Tech are wearable gadget devices will become more innovative and insightful.

3: Diet, Exercise and Sleep.  As health education improves, more people are embracing the fundamentals of healthy living with an active outdoor lifestyle.

4: Sustainable Health and Wellness.  Eco friendly bespoke health resorts will emerge and become the normal go to travel experience.

5: Increased Focus on Gut Health. Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of gut health and its impact on overall well-being. Expect to see an increase in the availability of fermented foods, prebiotic-rich foods on the market.

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