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We Do Digital Marketing, Differently. 

Blue Orange Asia has been creating outstanding digital online marketing that delivers better performance and results for clients for two decades.  Our seamless Web 3.0 digital campaigns provide a memorable customer user experience that enables your brand to stand out from the clutter of the competition.


We were also recently awarded Best Creative Digital Marketing Agency Thailand by Global Brands Magazine.    

BOA's original ideas help brands go viral and unknown brands go mainstream, generating millions of views and engagement.  In addition, we help you to position your brand 5 years ahead of your competition establishing a brighter footprint for your business to thrive in the digital space. 

Marketing Sectors. 

A few of the sectors we service include 

Eco Friendly Sustainability, human, social, economic and environmental;  known as the four pillars of sustainability.    •  Healthcare and Wellness.  •  Hospitals and Medical.  •  Diet and Nutrition, Dietary well being, including keto, fasting and anti-ageing supplements.   •  Sports and Fitness.   •  Software and Tech.   •  FMCG Consumer Retail.  •  Food and Beverages.  • Education.  •  Blockchain and Fintech.  • Pharmaceuticals.  • Logistics.  •  Real Estate Developments. 

Digital Marketing Services.

Digital Branding       DSP Programmatic      Google ADS       Social Media      YouTube      NFT Marketing       Gamefi        Mobile Apps       E-Commerce       Crypto       Fintech       SEO       Web 3.0

Digital Clients.

Our clients include,

1. OUB Digital Banking.  Blue Orange Asia created a concept 'Save time by banking online' and developed a digital campaign that communicated the  personal  OUB online banking features and experience.  After finalising the concept, we implemented a media strategy targeting existing and new customers on the most effective to deliver results that exceeded the client's expectations.

2. Fight Sports Max Streaming Mobile App. We were engaged to develop a Universal App Marketing campaign to generate pay per views and subscriptions for one of the world's leading sports, mixed martial arts companies.  In order to optimise the results we installed firebase software on the app. In addition, we created promotional copy writing, key graphic visuals and then ran the UAC campaign advertising the world championship boxing fight of Fury verse Wilder in Las Vegas USA.

3. Je T'aime Jewelry.  A creative Christmas digital sales and marketing campaign in Thailand and Singapore for this famous accessories brand.

4. Allianz Insurance.  Travel Insurance Digital Brand Marketing Awareness Campaign for European Travellers to South East Asia.

Ideas to Inspire.

Original insights and ideas are at the heart of every great digital campaign that gets seen by millions as well as making millions for brands.  Ideas that connect with your customer to sell your product faster.

Speaking of ideas, here's one for free.  CONTACT US TODAY and we'll show you the most effective way to scale up your online business faster.  We'll map out a journey to transform your brand and change the way you see your future. . . SIMPLE.

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