What does a chess master and mobile tech brand have in common? A Winning Strategy. Strategy is the secret ingredient to every company’s digital marketing success journey and it will be for yours too. As the budgets for digital online marketing in Bangkok Thailand and South East Asia continue to grow, so is the need to use the money wisely to guarantee your digital campaign stands out from the crowd and amplifies your marketing messages clearly.

The evolving digital landscape is moving faster than ever before, predominantly driven by new digital technologies. As a result, consumer behaviour is changing. Consumers have easy access to new content and they can connect with brands through different digital platforms, mobiles, new tech websites, search engines, social media and e-commerce stores. Engaging your consumers in the most creative compelling way is crucial to getting your brandor product recognized and remembered.

Essentially a digital marketing strategy will include up to ten channels that all contribute to the success of a campaign. Creative Concept and Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing including YouTube, Google PPC Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Google GND, Remarketing Ads, Paid Media, Search Engine Optimization, PR, Influencer Marketing and Email Marketing. At the core of this marketing mix is the Big Idea.

BETTER IDEAS: Many of the best brands in the world work with Blue Orange Asia Digital Marketing in Bangkok because we have over 20 years of experience and reputation delivering Better Ideas and Better Results driven digital campaigns in Bangkok, Phuket, Thailand, Yangon Myanmar, HCMC Vietnam and Hong Kong. We also implement digital marketing campaigns in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Central America including Costa Rica, where we are actively servicing clients in the new market segments of Crytocurrency, ICOs, Online Gaming, Sports Betting Software, Pay Per Head, New Tech, IT, Software, Apps, Online Gaming, E Commerce, Hospitality, Financial Services and Real Estate Property Developments. Our outstanding digital ideas have helped many of our client’s campaigns to go viral and go mainstream, generating millions of views, shares and sales. We know how to position your brand and product 5 years ahead of the curve and 5 years ahead of the competition, establishing a brighter, clearer footprint for your business in the digital space.

BETTER RESULTS: Blue Orange Asia’s Creative Digital Marketing services include Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Google PPC Adwords, Google GND Network Display Advertising, Bing & Yahoo PPC, Remarketing, SEO and SEM.

REACH OVER 2 BILLION PEOPLE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: With over 45 million facebook accounts, (20 million in Bangkok), 13 million Instagram accounts and 27 million YouTube users, Thailand is one of the most active countries in the world for digital social media engagement and is ranked in the top 10 in the world for YouTube users, in terms of watch time, content upload and the number of gold and silver channel subscribers. Globally, with over 2 billion combined users, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube provide you with a massive opportunity to get your brand’s message in front of your target audience. You can drive KPIs of all kinds, be it brand awareness, website traffic, leads or sales. Ad formats on Social Media have a very clear call to action so you can ensure you get people clicking who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

PPC | PAY PER CLICK: Google PPC Marketing has rapidly grown in Asia with over 500,000 campaigns alone in Thailand. Getting your site seen at the top of Google or any other search engine is an excellent way to increase your site’s traffic and grow your business, but doing this naturally takes time, dedication and patience. Paid search advertising delivers top page visibility instantly. As well as delivering instant traffic, search advertising is extremely targeted. Your site will only appear when people search for the keywords you select. You have full control over what you advertise, where and when your adverts appear, and most importantly the budget.

GOOGLE NETWORK DISPLAY ADVERTISING has also seen a quantum leap in activity and engagement in Asia and plays a crucial role in digital marketing, both for direct response campaigns and brand awareness campaigns. Display, often known as banner advertising is a cheap and effective method of exposing your brand or product to your relevant audiences.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR MEMORABLE DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN? Through an initial audit, we identify your brand or product’s points of difference. You are after all, one of a kind. We then highlight these from a creative and strategic perspective to give you the clear competitive stand out edge to excel in the future . . . Simple.

Insights and observations inspire great ideas and opportunities for your business to thrive. Original Ideas are the catalyst to outstanding marketing-advertising campaigns that get seen by millions as well making millions. Cutting edge digital marketing is all about great ideas. Ideas that connect with your customer to sell your product. And speaking of ideas, here's one for free. Contact Blue Orange Asia Digital Marketing today for a free consultation and we’ll show you how to make your brand truly stand out from the crowd. We will map out a journey for you that will transform your business and change the way you see your future forever.

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