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Blue Orange Asia Marketing Agency partners Avantage Entertainment to Launch a New One-of-a-Kind Baccarat Free Live Streaming Gaming Experience in Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Manila Philippines Singapore and KL Malaysia.


Avantage Baccarat is a New Concept in Live Stream Gaming Entertainment.

As the best live stream game marketing company in South East Asia, BOA manages and consults with leading igaming, sports brand to launch live real-time entertainment products through high performing media channels including PR, TV, Events and online advertising.   The Avantage Baccarat live streaming real-time casino platform is an outstanding first in Asia that provides the audience with an ultra-fast, quality competitive gaming experience in real-time, delivering an enhanced, organic and more engaging player experience.

Live Streaming Entertainment has rapidly emerged in Asia, especially in Macau, Manila and Singapore, enabling far better and more realistic real-time and interactive social communications for users.

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Baccarat, The Most Popular Online Casino Game in Asia.

Baccarat is, by far the most widely played online game in Asia and is most popular to Chinese casino players in Macau and Hong Kong and Singapore.   There are a number of reasons why Baccarat appeals so much to Asians. First of all, the game is incredibly simple to learn, and there’s no decision making required. In Blackjack, for example, a players’ actions affects not just their own hand, but also the hands of everyone else at the table. In Baccarat, you don’t need to know anything, as it’s all done automatically.

Another major driving factor in the popularity of Baccarat in Asian communities, is the superstitious element involved with the game. In fact, this superstition goes way beyond Baccarat. Asian players in general, are incredibly superstitious when it comes to gambling, and you’ll notice many of them playing with lucky charms.

The Avantage Baccarat game is a unique social-only experience where remote players can watch a highly entertaining, live-streamed game as well as play along and compete from the device of their choice.  

This social game provides competition for bragging rights and status on leader boards amongst players from within South East Asia and around the world, with millions of fans enjoying and playing online every day. 

Avantage differs from traditional baccarat by presenting its unique live game play with a blend of fun and exciting video entertainment.

Unique Selling Points.

  • Totally Free Viewing.
  • High-end “television game show style” production and cutting-edge graphics that bring the game to life.
  • Single-level tournaments and championships.
  • Multi-level tournaments and championships where players can win their way up to games with greater points.
  • Addition of new twists and free gamification.
  • Targeted tournaments and leagues geared for challenges and social competitions.
  • Insightful on-camera commentary from seasoned experts.

Play Avantage Free Baccarat Now 

Play World Championship Baccarat Free Now

Registering now enables early qualification for a special welcome privileges and strategic tips that gives your game the competitive edge.

avanatage best baccarat game in asia

The Future of Online Baccarat Gaming is here!

Avantage mission is to create the most engaging social interactive game experiences possible. The company is committed to providing viewers and players with the best possible experience in Asia.   Beyond Baccarat, a portfolio of further social games with a fresh online stream entertainment experience is in development, all powered by the Avantage Competition AI Engine (ACE).

Understanding the Game of Baccarat.

The rules of Baccarat are simple and easy to understand.  There can be many bettors in a game of Baccarat, but the main thing to know about the gameplay is that it mostly involves the dealer and the player. Both the dealer and the player receive a hand with two cards, and the goal is to earn the hand closer to nine.

How to Play Baccarat.

Baccarat is an exciting game of pure chance. While it’s portrayed as formal and elegant game in films, like James Bond,  it’s actually an easy, slow-paced game that’s great for new players; there’s no strategy or skill needed. Plus, Baccarat offers some of the best odds in the casino.

To begin with, players must first make a wager.  This wager can be betting on the players hand, the bankers hand, or the tie bet. Once all wagers have been placed, a two-card hand is dealt to the ‘player’ and ‘banker’ spots on the table, one at a time.

The player always receives his or her card first. Once these four cards have been drawn  (there is only one player bet per table – players wager on one hand, as opposed to Blackjack, where each player has their own hand) the totals of the cards are compared, and this will determine what happens next.

Now the goal of Baccarat is to make a hand totaling as close to 9 as possible. All cards 2 through 9 count as their face value, while Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings count for 0. Aces count for 1.   For example, if a player was dealt a 10 and a 4, their total would be 4. There are certain ‘rules’ in Baccarat that both the player and banker must follow.

Playing Baccarat Online in Asia.

If the player’s hand totals 6, 7, 8, or 9, they automatically stand, and no further cards are drawn. A player hand that equals 8 or 9 is known as a neaureral, and automatically wins against any banker hand bar an 8 or 9. Now, if the player’s first two cards equal 5 or below, they ‘hit’, and receive another card. This is now the final total, and no more cards are dealt to the player.

When it comes to the banker’s hand rules, there are also some rules. If they have a 7, 8, or 9 they will always stand. The banker always hits on a total of 0, 1, 2, or 4 – and the banker might hit some 4, 5 or 6 hands depending on what cards the player is holding.

Best Baccarat Game Strategy.

The best baccarat strategy can significantly increase your odds and potentially make you a winner at the table. By playing with an optimal strategy in baccarat, you can reduce the house edge, making it one of the more player-friendly games at online casinos. Here are two of the most popular playing strategies to increase your chances of winning.

The Martingale System.  The Martingale System is one of the best baccarat strategies, famously applied in a variety of online casino games. This strategy is based on doubling your bet each time you lose, with the aim of recovering all past losses with one successful win.

The Paroli System.  The Paroli System is also known as the Reverse Martingale. This is another baccarat winning strategy that focuses on positive progression. Contrary to the Martingale, in the Paroli System, you double your bet every time you win and return to your initial bet size after a loss.

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