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Producing creative videos is our passion. Original video productions with a great advertising idea enables you to engage and attract more consumers to your website and app.  Our innovative videos optimize your brand presence generating more sales for your business.

We have produced brand and product corporate videos for over 20 years in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, HCMC, Vietnam and Singapore.  Productions in the market segments of Healthcare and Wellness, Sports and Fitness, E-Commerce, FMCG, Beauty, Skincare, Hotels, Travel and Tourism, Consumer Electronics, Fashion Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry, Blockchain and Crypto, Real Estate Property Developments.

How to Produce an Outstanding Video in Asia.

Here are some key pointers to help create an outstanding advertising video.  1. Set realistic  expectations. Understand what can be really achieved with your marketing budget.  2.Develop an engaging story that sets you apart.  Consumers love to watch video content with a compelling story.  3. Incorporate humor and emotion to make your video an emotional memorable experience. 

4. Keep it short to grab attention. Ideally your video should be to the point,  5. Make it Interactive.  Interactive content is now an innovative way to connect better with your target audience.  6. Promote with influencers. This will help you to increase reach and credibility on the best media.  7. Optimize Your Video for Search Engines. This will guarantee you get seen first on Google and YouTube.

Ultimately the goal of your video is to create content and a user experience that resonates with your target audience to drive engagement and conversions.

Types of Video Production.

There are 5 types of productions. These are documentary, entertainment, educational, promotional and information.

Our Production Process.

We provide you with a turnkey creative production process.  During the consultation stage, our team will talk to you about your objectives and what you want to communicate.  Companies usually want to communicates their brand or product positioning, unique selling points and proposition.  Once we have a clear brief, we will then pitch creative ideas and concepts.  In addition, after agreeing on a great idea and storyboard we will then prepare for pre-production.


The pre-production includes script writing, location scouting, prop collection, hiring actors, equipment renting and creating shot-lists. The pre-production stage is when all of the scheduling is created. Commercial shoots are planned precisely down to the minute, because time is money. If a shoot runs long, hiring actors, renting equipment and reserving locations will inflate the budget.


The filming of the video or TV commercial takes place during the production phase. The film director coordinates the shoot with the producer using the concept storyboard and shot list.  Actors and supporting members will give multiple takes for dialogue and actions specified in the script and storyboard.  Some film and TV commercial productions can take a day or multiple days of shooting, depending on the length of the production and the intricacy of the script. Once all of the shots are filmed, the director sends the film files to the editor for post.


Post-production is where the magic happens and includes all creative video editing, sound editing and exporting of the film rushes. Video footage is reviewed, and the best clips and performances from the actors are put together as a master version. Once all of the editing is completed, music and sound effects are finally mixed and integrated into the final master.  The final master video is then exported to hard drive in the requested formats, ready for broadcasting.

Five of the Most Successful Corporate Videos of All Time.


Inbound marketing experts HubSpot are masters of using video to convey often quite technical theories in an accessible, easy to understand format. When it comes to selling themselves and their own working environment to attract new talent, Hub Spot delivered big time, demonstrating how creative, relaxed but professional their work culture is.


 In their efforts to showcase their compelling corporate story and values, DuPont turned to the tried and tested route of an animated explainer video to explain their global interests and enterprises, as wide-ranging as agricultural products, to high performance materials.


For their Living a Richer Life video Airbnb, turn the spotlight onto the hosts that open up their homes to visiting travellers for them to share their experiences. This video connects on a personal human level.   As consumers, we’re constantly bombarded with marketing messages. In many ways, we’ve become immune to blatant brand campaigns. What we will always love though is a great human story.


A great way to encourage customer buy-in is to give them exclusive access to the inner sanctums of your business. Red Bull Racing did just that with this fascinating walking tour of their Milton Keynes race factory. Presented by their charismatic principal Christian Horner, this video gives you a rare, behind-the-scenes look at what makes a Formula One team tick.


Twitter Flight School service.  As you might expect from a tech firm, they’ve got a real knack for selling their product in a fun and engaging way. This video promotes a dynamic learning experience to help you craft the best ways of integrating Twitter into your work.

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