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With over 10 years of Blockchain, Crypto, and Token Advertising and PR Media, Blue Orange Asia produces the best and most effective Digital Asset Marketing and PR Campaigns for clients across South East Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Manila Philippines, Jakarta Indonesia and Singapore.  Leading fintech and crypto brands work with us because we understand their needs and expectations better.  In addition, we provide a results driven strategy that builds quality engagement, traffic and new active users for your platform. Which ultimately increases your asset trade volume, value and price.


The broad range of digital asset products we currently manage and market for clients include  1:  Crypto and Defi Exchanges.   2; Crypto Wallets and Website Marketing.  3: Ethereum and Bitcoin Strategies.  4: AI Tokens.  5: Digital Wallets.  6: Crypto Apps.  7: Payment Gateways   8:  Fintech Trading Platform.

There are four major types of cryptocurrency include utility, payment, security, and stablecoins.  There also are DeFi tokens, NFTs, and asset-backed tokens. Of all cryptocurrencies, the most common are utility and payment tokens.


Artificial intelligence (AI) crypto tokens have significantly grown in Q2 of 2023 driven by the advancement of AI technologies, with some coins more than doubling in only a few weeks.  The market value of all AI tokens is around $2 billion, with the top 30 AI tokens all rising.  Furthermore, the AI trend has significantly impacted the cryptocurrency market. As AI technologies have become more advanced and widely available, developers have been able to create more sophisticated AI-powered cryptocurrencies that offer enhanced features, security, and capabilities.


How to get your project seen first and chosen first ?   The essentials to a successful digital asset marketing strategy include;

1:  Know Your Target Audience.  The more unique information and data you have about your audience the better and more focused your sales and marketing will be.  Target audience research as the key foundations to building your marketing campaign more efficiently

2: Research Your Competitors.  This is crucial because if you  can identify your competitors strengths and weakness,  you can carve out a more attractive,stand out positioning and space for your brand and product better.

3: PR.   By publishing your original story on top tier google ranked  news websites, blogs and communities in your target GEO you will generating thousands of new customer engagement, participants and active users.  With our agency top writers and reviews, BOA can establish fast hype trust and credibility in your project.

4: Search Intent Advertising.  Highly targeted Search Intent AD Campaigns also generate thousands of new hot active users.  Our media agency owns the top google ranking token, blockchain news sites in Asia.

5: Influencer Marketing.  Crypto influencer and promoter marketing in Asia is another great way to establish trust in your project as well as grow and scale up up your business better.

6: Universal App Marketing.

UAC Universal Marketing Campaigns generate the best traffic and thousands of  installs and new active users. Universal Marketing Campaigns runs on AI Machine Learning and delivers outstanding CPA performance and results.

7:  Social Media.  Crypto Social Media campaigns on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is an excellent tried and tested way to significantly to grow your project and platform presence and performance in Asia.

8: Email Marketing.  Creating the most compelling content email content marketing is another excellent strategy.

9: Reddit Community Shilling and Hype Marketing.  News, Blogs, Posts, Advertorials and Features.

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