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Blue Orange Asia is a Top Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Exchange PR and Marketing Agency in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam creating original outstanding digital campaigns for crypto companies in Vietnam and South East Asia.

As one of the best fintech, crypto creative agencies in Asia, we provide you with the most effective strategy to generate quality traffic to your crypto website platform, rapidly growing new users and trade volume.  Our clients include NiceHash Easy Mining, OKX, BitDD and Binance.


Blue Orange Asia is the Number 1 Web 3.0 Blockchain, Crypto, Token PR and Marketing Agency in HCMC Vietnam.  With over 12 years of experience servicing leading brands in South East Asia. We provide crypto and fintech companies with the best B2B and B2C marketing strategy that generates the best quality engagement and users for your platform.

We manage and market digital asset products for clients including 1: Crypto Platforms and Websites.  2: Cryptocurrency Exchanges. 3: AI Tokens. 4: Digital Wallets and Payment Gateways. 5: Defi Platforms.  6: Crypto Apps.  7: Payment Gateways   8: Fintech B2B Trading Platform.   9: Brand Strategy and Consultancy.

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This year’s Global Adoption Index names Vietnam as the top market leader in cryptocurrency / blockchain grassroots adoption.  Vietnam takes the top spot for the second consecutive year due to its high purchasing power, adoption of centralised DeFi and peer to peer (P2P) tools.

The crypto market in Viet Nam is driven by its rapidly growing economy. As one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, Vietnam presents a fertile ground for cryptocurrency adoption.  The country's increasing middle class and expanding digital infrastructure contribute to the rising interest in alternative financial instruments like cryptocurrencies.

The country boasts a young and tech-savvy population, with a high percentage of internet users. This demographic factor plays a crucial role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, as the younger generation is more open to exploring innovative financial technologies. The familiarity and comfort with digital platforms create an environment conducive to the acceptance and utilization of cryptocurrencies in various aspects of daily life.

Additionally, the familiarity and comfort that the Vietnamese population has with digital platforms play a pivotal role. Many aspects of daily life in Vietnam, from communication and entertainment to shopping and banking, are conducted online. This digital fluency naturally extends to the realm of cryptocurrencies. People are more accustomed to using digital tools and platforms, making it easier for them to understand and utilize cryptocurrencies effectively.



1: Bybit -  Best Crypto Exchange in Vietnam.  Bybit stands as Vietnam's top choice due to its vast array of over 770 crypto assets, user-friendly features, and fast Vietnamese Dong (VND) deposit methods, offering a secure and versatile platform for both new and seasoned investors.

2: Binance -  The Best Alternative Exchange in Vietnam, secures its position as the second-best crypto trading platform in Vietnam South East Asia

3: OKX - Best Vietnam Crypto Staking Exchange.  OKX is a platform where investors can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It currently operates in all Asia markets including Vietnam and Hong Kong and the Philippines.

4:  BitcoinVN - Best Vietnam-based Crypto Exchange.  BitcoinVN is Vietnam's premier Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and user-friendly platform.

5: Gate.io - Best Exchange for Altcoins.


In Vietnam, purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is becoming progressively easier, although it's yet to receive official recognition from the State Bank of Vietnam. Despite this, individuals and companies can engage in cryptocurrency activities, making use of popular payment gateways like bank transfers for transactions involving Vietnamese Dong.

MoMo is the most popular digital wallet in Vietnam with over 22 million active users.  Its primary product includes a mobile app that allows customers to conduct transactions directly from their mobile devices.  It's accepted in over 80% of food and beverage outlets and 70% of supermarkets.

The use of crypto in 2024 will continue to grow. Vietnamese use crypto to access banking services, which would otherwise be inaccessible. They invest and speculate using crypto, and also use crypto to transfer remittances.

Approximately 17% of the population own or have cryptocurrencies. Vietnamese use Bitcoin, although analysis shows that they spread the risk by holding at least two cryptocurrencies at any one time. The most likely age group to hold cryptocurrencies is the 25-34 year-old group.

In terms of activities, a survey revealed that of its respondents, almost 90% engaged in decentralized finance activities, 70.2% in GameFi, 73.7% in nonfungible tokens (NFTs), 91% for centralized finance and 54.9% for SocialFi.


Define Your Target Audience.  Identify your target audience and understanding their needs will help you to tailor a customized marketing strategy that resonates with your audience.

Build a Compelling Brand Identity.   A compelling brand identity is the cornerstone of successful marketing. Develop a unique brand that reflects the values of your exchange. Create consistency across all communication channels to help establish trust and recognition among your audience.

Creating Engaging PR and Marketing Content.  Content marketing plays a crucial role in educating and engaging your audience. Produce high-quality blog posts, articles, and videos that provide valuable insights,  analysis and educational crypto trading  content.

Promote Social Media Channels.  Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with your audience on a personal level. Identify the platforms where your target audience is most active and develop a compelling personal social media strategy.

Optimise Your brand Platform for Search Engines.  SEO is vital for improving your website's visibility in search engine results.  Conduct keyword research related to crypto exchanges and integrate those keywords naturally into your website's content.  Optimize your website's mobile performance and user experience for better search rankings and more traffic.

Partner Other Crypto Projects, can expand your reach and attract a broader more targeted audience.

Stay Up to Date with Trends. Stay up to date with the latest trends and technological advancements. Being at the forefront of industry developments will position your exchange as a knowledgeable and reliable platform.

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