As a leading creative Film and Video production company Blue Orange Asia has produced outstanding films, TV commercials and corporate videos for clients in Bangkok and Phuket, London, England, Yangon Myanmar, HCMC Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Maldives, China and Indonesia. With over 15 years of film and video production experience, many of the best brands work with us because we provide a full service Turnkey All In One film production solution that delivers better results.

OUR CREATIVE FILM PRODUCTION HOUSE SERVICES include new brand and product films and videos, advertising films, TV commercial productions, YouTube videos, creative direction, creative concepts, pre productions, post production, Outdoor OOH media productions, copywriting, script writing, editing, HD film conversion, CGA animation, CGI Film animation, special effects, motion graphics, screen design, visual effects. We have produced original outstanding films and videos for clients in the market sectors of New Brand and Product Innovation, Software, Games and Gaming, New Apps, Retail Banking, Property Real Estate Development, Financial Services, Crypto currency, Bitcoin, insurance, Healthcare and Wellness, Golf, Sports and Fitness E Commerce, FMCG Beauty, Skincare, Cosmetics, Hospitality, Hotels, Travel and Tourism, Consumer Electronics, Fashion and Apparel, Automotive, Airlines.


With the advent and imminent arrival of 5G technologies the production and use of original creative film and video content will continue to grow rapidly. Blue Orange Asia already knows from experience, that by far the most effective way to optimize your sales and marketing budget and stand out from the clutter of the competition, is to produce creatively better original engaging film and video content. Then broadcast the content on targeted strategic media channels, including social media, youtube and google. A creative film that contains a compelling contagious big advertising idea will generates massive engagement and awareness for your brand and product, simply by having irresistible must have, must share infectious content that grabs all important market share, generating endless long term loyalty, relationship and sales conversions. Today, Film and video marketing content generates over 90% more views, engagement and shares compared to a static image ad campaign on any media channel.

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