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Blue Orange Asia has been producing outstanding top creative films, corporate marketing videos, TV commercials and CGI animations in Bangkok Thailand, South East Asia since 2004.  The best brands work with us because we produce better ideas that deliver better results.  Our award winning film and video productions optimises your online presence and viewer engagement, generating the best user experience and traffic for your brand.

From hospitality to health and fitness, consumer retail to electronics and FMCG to airlines and luxury property developments, we create original productions for leading companies in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and the Maldives.

The Benefits of a Corporate Video Production.

There are many benefits and values to creating a video production that include  1: Increasing your business traffic and customer base.   2:  Increasing credibility, trust and understanding of your brand.  3:  Rank higher in google searchers.   4: Improve your SEO.   5: Generate more engagement and followers on social media.   6:  Get your brand seen more by top decision makers.   7: Boost conversions and sales.

A creative film and video production with a big story driven advertising idea, generates massive memorable awareness for your brand simply by having irresistible must have, must share infectious content that grabs all important market share.

Storytelling has long been an engaging form of attracting customers to your brand and the idea behind a corporate video production is to bring out the brand’s story and motive in front of its customers in an engaging manner.

Original idea based film content is essential to your brand strategy. In addition it is the most effective way to optimise your brand awareness.  And according to research, Video content aired on targeted media including TV, social media and YouTube  on generates over 1200% more engagement compared to static image ad content on any media channel.

Our Film and Video Production Services.

1. Brand and Product Videos. These tell an original creative engaging story, connecting your audience to your brand's core selling proposition.

2. Advertising and Marketing Videos.  Marketing Videos help significantly to position and promote your brand more clearly with a creative idea, content and messaging.

3. TV Commercials.  TV commercials s are a highly popular effective form of advertising that promotes your services and ideas to a mass audience.

4. Branding Films.  These films will showcase your brand's unique positioning, personality and points of difference to the world.

5. Corporate Videos.  A corporate video is normally produced to connect the boardroom to its employees and convey the company's ethics and ethos to their target audience consumer.  digital video content has become increasingly popular for company websites.

6. CGA - CGI Animation. Computer Generated Imagery is animated visual graphic 3D content used to create characters, scenes, and other special effects in movies, television and game productions. 

7. Drone Films.  

8. YouTube and Social Media Videos. 

9. Documentary Films.  10. Promotional Films.  11. Creative direction.  12. Concept Creation.  13. Script writing.  14. Editing   15. HD film conversion.  16. Motion graphics.  17. Visual effects.

Production Case Studies.

A few of our best productions include,

1. Banyan Resort and Golf Club Brand Marketing Video; created as part of the re branding of Banyan Group in Hua Hin Thailand featuring segmented film that communicated the four elements of the group activities including villas, resort, golf club and condominiums.  

2. Bosch Energy Consumer Goods and Technology corporate video.  We produced  a film that showcased the innovative product range and global reach of the Bosch brand.

3:  Royal Villas at the Royal Phuket Marina Property, Lifestyle Development.  A series of sales videos highlighting the unique selling points of the RPM Luxury Villas; that were aired on the Bloomberg TV media channel in Asia.   

4. Fight Sports Max Media.  An advertising promotional streaming film that aired in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. 

5. Gigi E-commerce App;  featuring two famous influencers endorsing a new fashion apparel e-commerce concept.

6. Disney Asia Calendar. We created conceptual photography and videos for this famous brand featuring 12 famous South East Asian celebrities, each portraying one of 12 famous Disney princesses.


Production Market Segments.

We produce films and videos for clients in the segments of  Entertainment | Shipping and Logistics | Pharmaceuticals | Sports Media | Education | FMCG Beauty - Skincare and Cosmetic | Software and Tech | Gadgets and Gaming | Mobile Devices | Healthcare and Wellness | Sports and Fitness | Fashion Accessories | Jewelry | Golf  |  Lifestyle and leisure | Hospitality, Travel and Tourism | Real Estate Property Developments | Retail Banking | Insurance | Fintech and Financial Services | Cryptocurrency | Sustainable Energy | Food and Drink.

Our Video Production Process.

From our offices in Silom Road, Bangkok, we provide you with a turnkey all in one production solution.  This includes concept creation, scripts and story board in the pre production preparation stage, through to the main production studio and location shooting, to post production, editing and finalisation. Our expert team provide you with a seamless all in one video producing experience.

Bangkok, known as the Venice of the East is  situated in the heart of Asia Pacific and provides the ideal regional location destination for producing creative films, videos and popular commercial movies.

The Growth of Video Marketing in Asia using 5G Technology.

With the advent of 5G technology, the use of video content is rapidly growing globally.   5G will actually revolutionise videos in Asia, enabling marketers to offer better quality video content at scale in a more stable environment.  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two of the hottest topics in mobile marketing and the introduction of 5G will drive them into the mainstream.  5G will also allow higher quality data, and better real time location based targeting.

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