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Blue Orange Asia is a top web 3.0 product marketing and advertising agency in Thailand, servicing clients in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, HCMC Vietnam and Jakarta Indonesia.


As a full service agency and consultants in Asia our web 3 creative services include  1: Web 3 PR Advertorial Media Campaigns.  2: Web 3 Digital Advertising. 3: Google Ads.  4: PR News Wire Media Outreach.  5: Web 3.0 Social Media on Facebook, Discord, Twitter X and Telegram. 6: Influencer Marketing.  7: Consultancy.  8: Digital Design.


Web 3.0 is the future of creative digital advertising globally that focuses on using decentralised technologies to reach and engage customers.  It is highly decentralised, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, and leverages blockchain technology.  The result is real-world human communication. In addition, users retain control over their data and content, and they can sell or trade their data without losing ownership or privacy. In this business model, you can log into a website without having your internet identity tracked.

Key to innovation in Web 3.0 ecosystem is the digitisation of assets via tokenisation.  Tokenisation converts assets and rights into a digital representation, or token, on a blockchain network. Cryptocurrency and fungible tokens are forms of digital currency that can easily be exchanged across networks, driving a new business model of democratic finance and commerce.  Further more, Non fungible tokens are units of data that represent unique assets, like avatars, digital art, or trading cards, that can be owned and monetised.


Popular Web3 networks today include Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and Cosmos. Leading Web platforms include OpenSea, Coinbase, Ledger and MetaMask. Many of these networks and platforms sell NFTs or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.  In addition, Web 3 is a concept that explores the web by looking at trends and new AI and API technologies.  It's revolutionised the way we think about the Internet. Web 3 is essentially the next chapter for an internet based on blockchain technology that ensures more privacy. For brands, it means making virtual products and experiences. 

Web 3 brand examples include,

1: OpenSeaOpenSea is the world's first and largest marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectables.

2: CoinbaseCoinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency.

3: MetaMaskMetamask is a crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps.  

Web 3 Market Sectors.

We manage clients in the market segments of,

1. BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. Blockchain technology is perhaps the one technology that most inspired the idea of Web3, and so it’s the best example. Many other Web3 technologies rely on a blockchain to work, so it is foundational to Web3.

2. CRYPTOCURRENCY. Cryptocurrency is decentralised digital cash that isn’t controlled by any government or a central authority like a bank. Crypto uses blockchain technology to record how much currency there is and who holds what amount of it.

3. Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs are related to cryptocurrencies because the “coins” on offer are crypto. When you invent a new type of cryptocurrency (presumably with an exciting innovation), you need initial money to get the ball rolling.

4. DECENTRALISED APPS. Decentralized Apps (DApps) are open source software applications designed to run on P2P, peer to peer blockchain networks rather than centralized servers.   ( When you use a cloud-based service like Google Docs, you’re using a centralised app).  DApps are similar to web apps, but they’re P2P supported.

5. GAMES AND GAMING. Web 3 computer video games and gaming is a process of decentralised gaming where by the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making in all aspects of gaming are delegated away from any central authority.  Web 3 gaming is allows players to earn money by playing the game.

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