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Blue Orange Asia develops highly targeted B2B software marketing campaigns for leading SaaS, Whitelabel, Gaming Tech companies that generate quality leads and new business customers for your business.

From sportsbook gaming platforms to fintech business software, cloud based software to mobile apps and cyber security, we service leading brands in Bangkok Thailand,  HCMC Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Manila Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong in South East Asia.  A few of the software clients we have managed include ING Fintech Solutions, Payperhead Sportsbook,  Stripe Payment Gateway and Tencent Games.

Inbound Software Marketing Services.

Our Software Marketing Services include 1: B2B and B2C Software Lead Generation Campaigns. 2: New User Acquisition Marketing.  3: CRM Management.  4: Software Google Search ADS.  5: Software App Marketing.   6: Software Digital Video Marketing.   7:  PR Media Campaigns.  8: Software Branding and Identity Design.  9: Software Website Creation.   We also provide a turnkey Whitelabel Software Solution.

Whitelabel Software Solutions in Asia.

Whitelabel services for SaaS products have become very popular.  Whitelabel software is a ready to use solution created by a software manufacturer, designed for re branding by the customer to resell it under his own name. Most whitelabel businesses use the Software-as-a-Service model of purchase, which implies software rental with monthly or annual payments and optionally a setup fee.

Top Software And Tech Countries in South East Asia.

Singapore has long been established as a global financial centre and is now set to become the “Silicon Valley of Asia”.  China’s tech giants Tencent, ByteDance, and Alibaba have plans to set up regional headquarters in the city-state.  By doing so, they will be adding their names to a long list of other tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook, which have long established their presence in Singapore as their regional research and development hub. 

The global sales tech firm Salesforce has also made investments into Singapore to set up its Artificial Intelligence (AI) centre.  In addition, Stripe, another up and coming fintech company that specialises in digital payments have extended their engineering footprint in Singapore to better service its Southeast Asia’s 400 million prospective clients.  Furthermore, the American tech giant Dell Technologies has leveraged the 5G mobile networks in Singapore to start a S$66 million R&D centre to drive innovation in the emerging technology- edge computing.  Singapore is now also a hub for leading cyber security companies in the region.

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Essentials to Outstanding Software Marketing in Asia. 

1. Know your product USP's and where you fit into the market.  2. Know you competitors and how to stand out.  3. Understand your customers.  4. Develop your unique pricing and special offers.  5. Develop your point of difference marketing strategy and original engaging content.

Software Trends in Asia. 

Supper Apps. A super app combines the features of an app, a platform and an ecosystem in one application. It not only has its own set of functionalities, but it also provides a platform for third parties to develop and publish their own mini-apps on.

Adaptive AI. Adaptive AI systems aim to continuously retrain models and learn within runtime and development environments based on new data to adapt quickly to changes in real-world circumstances that were not foreseen or available during initial development.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). Augmented and virtual reality’s existence is currently limited to the entertainment and gaming industry.But, the future prediction depicts that in the coming years AR will play a significant role in other sectors as well. It will not be surprising to see advancements in AR/VR technology in the healthcare, e-commerce and travel industry. 


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