As a leading integrated branding, advertising agency with offices in Bangkok Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam, Blue Orange Asia is a refreshing different breed of company that excels in making you and your brand original, outstanding, and very far from normal.

20 years of experience and expertise in world class branding, advertising and PR communications has given us valuable knowledge, insights and understanding of the Asia market.   With our intelligent talent pool of over 60 creative and strategic talents, from across the region, we have the right stuff and the right natural ingredients to re-vitalize your business, brand and product with far better ideas that deliver far better results. In fact, the juice we produce contains all of the vitamin-rich brand booster you will ever need to stand out, beyond the normal, and beat your competition, every time. As your true creative brand marketing, advertising agency partner in Thailand and South East Asia, we'll propel you and your re energized brand boldly and confidently into the future... into the "Blue" yonder.

Why brands die and marketing budgets get wasted?  For so long now, many companies parade themselves as experts in branding and advertising, despite having no actual credible agency experience or education in the business.  Only world class architects create world class architecture. Only world class designers create world class design. To ensure your brand’s life journey is seamless and successful, make sure it’s piloted by a credible world class brand marketing crew. Blue Orange Asia.