In today's world, as the need for brands to truly stand out from of the competition becomes even more crucial, original branding and clear brand positioning is now more important than ever. A well conceived contemporary brand with an identity that has strong point of difference creates infinite value for a company, way beyond the physical assets. A well designed brand creates trust, loyalty recognition and long term repeat business. It also provides employees with direction and motivation as well as making new business acquisition far easier.

From the art of new brand and product creation, to brand positioning and strategy, Blue Orange Asia has created outstanding branding for leading clients across the region in Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore. Our team of creative directors and designers have produced an original portfolio of designs ranging from company annual reports and corporate brochures to mobile app and website design, new brand and new product design, signage systems and SKU consumer retail packaging design for leading FMCG brands including P&G and Beiersdorf.

Blue Orange Asia’s award winning creative branding and design services include New Brand and New Product Identity Creation, Design of all Branding Collaterals, Brand Manuals & Tool Kit, Corporate Branding, Branding Strategy, Brand and Product Positioning, Corporate Brochure Design, Annual Report Design, SKU Packaging Design., Website Design, UX, UI Design, App Design | Retail Consumer Branding | Luxury Branding | SKU Packaging Design.

We currently manage clients in Bangkok, Phuket, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, HCMC Vietnam, Yangon, Myanmar, the Maldives, Bali and London, United Kingdom.

We design and develop new branding and corporate Identity for the market sectors including New Brand and Product Innovation, New Tech, Hi Tech, Crytocurrency, IT, Software, Mobile App Devices, New Technologies, Bio Medical, FMCG Retail, Fashion Apparel, Beauty, Healthcare, Wellness, Leisure, Sports, Software, Fitness, Nutrition, Financial Services, Banking, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Hospitality, Hotels, Travel & Tourism, Property Developments and Real Estate.

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